Hailsham Street Market

Hailsham Town Council were looking to revive the town centre by setting up a quality street market.

Working collaboratively with members of the Town Council and the Hailsham Forward Partnership I developed the Hailsham Street Market brand. The vibrant, stand-out colours of the logo combine with classic and modern font types to reflect the aspirations of the new street market to create a buzzing atmosphere, bringing people of all ages together in town. The custom-made branded gazebos give the market a professional and striking look.

Outdoor banners, posters and leaflets were created to raise the market's profile amongst residents. Hailsham Street Market has been a fantastic success and has become a popular Saturday shopping destination for residents and visitors alike.

" On behalf of Hailsham Town Council, we would like to thank you for the significant achievements, most notably the promoting of the Hailsham Street market. "